G-Sync.com has launched

Hello there and welcome to G-Sync.com.

We have finally launched and we hope that you receive us well. Our goal is to give consumers a helping hand choosing their next gaming monitor or laptop powered by the NVIDIA G-Sync technology. Enjoy crystal clear, tear-free and responsive gaming that redefines your gaming experience. Say goodbye to those irritating screen tears with V-Sync off and the horrible input lag and micro stuttering with V-Sync on. NVIDIA G-Sync fixes all these issues with the exclusive G-Sync module, which was first introduced to monitors and just recently to laptops. You can read more about how G-Sync works at our home page, and if you are unsure about some of the specifications or just want to learn more, then check out our detailed gaming monitor glossary.

In order to enjoy NVIDIA G-Sync on your desktop, you need a compatible monitor and graphics card. You can view a list of all supported G-Sync GPUs here. If you’re just looking for a new gaming laptop, buying a G-Sync laptop is sufficient as they already have a compatible screen and graphics card. Also note that there are almost always different variants of the same laptop model, but with slightly different specs. Clicking on the link will typically reveal the others too.

We are also supporting user reviews! If you have written a review of any G-Sync monitor or laptop, we would love to feature them on our website. Please contact us here and let’s get in touch!

Note: We are not associated with Nvidia Corporation. We merely promote their products because we have them ourselves and love them.

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